Shirt - NS Homerun Skull

Color: Ink Skull
  • Unisex baseball shirt
  • Oversize fit
  • Lifestyle look
  • Designed for all athletes who train hard and wear more durable 
  • Made in Portugal
Naomy is 1m60, 62kg and wears size S.
Pierre is 1m82, 81kg and wears size L.

    NS Homerun: Creating Process

    Step 1: YOUR OPINION

    The first step in each of our projects, is you.

    First of all, we have collected all of your many requests, wishes and needs. We listen to each of your ideas with great interest: the crazier and more ambitious the ideas, the better the challenge. No comment is left out, each of your opinions contribute to the brand’s creation. That’s NS...

    Listening to you when designing products that are 100% for you is our daily source of inspiration.

    Step 2: THE DRAWING

    Firstly, we have to put the idea on paper.

    Our team of designers will convert visually sentences, feelings and desires, in order to draw a product that is as close as possible to your expectations.

    Sometimes it takes many drafts to get our/your ideas right.

    Once the sketch is approved, the technical designers team will make what is called a “technical drawing” = the product in real proportions with all the seams and topstitchings.. 

    Step 3: GIVE IT STYLE

    The most creative phase: giving the product some style with colors, patterns, accessories. ..

    This is often when you are asked for your opinion, through votes or surveys: at the birth of the idea.

    We have several options and must make decisions such as:

    • The fabric (There was a big debate about the use of Polyester! We decided: ok to use polyester to keep the style of our inspiration, but we want it recycled and 100% recyclable, not coupled with elastane to be able to recycle it easily)
    • The colors
    • The patterns (the size of the pattern)
    • The buttons (color, size, appearance, quality etc)
    • The prints (creative universe, dimensions, placement)
    • Accessories such as the PVC patch


    This step is the most technical one: giving birth to a design and translating it into clothes. This process is obviously done in several phases.

     Firstly, the design team analyses the product design with the stylists in order to translate it into a measurement chart and a technical file. This technical file will be the “recipe” of the garment that we send to our factory in Portugal.

    Secondly, thanks to this technical file, our factory offers us a first sample, which we call a “Fit sample”, in order to correct and adjust the cut. (There can be several, sometimes many!)

    Lastly, once the fit is validated in one size, we order the garment in each size in order to check the gradation of the product on mannequins of each size (the difference of cm between each size).

    For example, this product goes from S to 3XL.


    Once the cut is approved, this is when we start to work with the right fabric, colors...

    It is by far the most exciting moment for our creative team, as they finally sees the achievement of many months of work.

    We then adjust the placement and dimensions of the different logos and trims.

    Step 6: PRE-ORDER

    Once the product is ok for us, we put it online on our website to launch the pre-order. For this particular product, here are the pre-order phases:

    MARCH 6TH – MARCH 31ST: Pre-order phase on our website

    APRIL 1ST: Final quantities are sent to our factory to start production

    APRIL 2ND – MAY 31ST: Production

    JUNE: The stock is delivered to our warehouse and your orders are dispatched.