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Great Projects

The new direction taken in 2021 continues for Northern Spirit and great projects are emerging.

Earlier, we announced the partnership announcement with the most prestigious CrossFit® competition in France: French Throwdown. As a Title Partner for this beautiful event, we are marking a real opportunity for the brand to shine in the Functional Fitness landscape.

Northern Spirit accepts cryptocurrency

We are very excited about the fact that we now accept cryptocurrency as a payment. This means you can use Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc as a way to pay for your favorite gear!

The acceptance of cryptocurrency marks a revolution in the CrossFit® world since it's the first brand to offer this payment system to customers.

This year we will be even more keen to show our know-how, but also our values and commitments for more sustainable consumption. All this while continuing to offer athletes ever more technical products adapted to our sport.

Northern Spirit Team 💀

8 years old


2021 will be synonymous with a revolution for Northern Spirit Brand.

As, the new brand management team, have set different goals.

Allowing you to wear ever more innovative, comfortable and technical clothing so that your workouts are always just as intense.

We are proud to be able to offer you products that are conceived with sustainability at the heart and that will allow our brand to carry the 100% Made in Europe label with recycled fabrics and whose carbon footprint will be the lowest.

After a year 2020 marked with successive closures of our favorite training places, we hope that with the products that will arrive, you will return to surpass yourself during Wods of training or competitions.

Always more


2020 was a special year. In addition to the problems that the world has witnessed, Northern Spirit has accelerated its various engagements through various actions.

Among these, the fight against certain diseases affecting mainly men and support for the "Movember" movement.

But also and in the long term, the ever greater commitment to sustainability and "Be more green". The latter will be the main objective for the years to come.

Beginning of a new brand dimension

A lot of events!!

NS goes to WODAPALOZA, the coolest CrossFit competition in the US, where several athletes and teams were sponsored by Northern Spirit.

Collaboration with Battle Cancer, Scott.

Launching Friday wods on IG, the community loves it!

French Throwdown, Paris.

Northern Spirit Throwdown, Pixlapiren Helsingborg.

Northern Spirit Main Sponsor to WORLDS in Functional Fitness, Malmö Sweden.

NS Moves to new HQ, Mörsaregatan 25.

Reaches 40k followers

Launch of several Recyled and green products, Repreve tees/tanks, jackets, etc.

Customization availbel after big demand from the community.

1st edition

Northern Spirit Throwdown

The first edition created and organized by our team arranged at the Northern Spirit Headquarter in June. An amazing experience and a great week-end.

NS became the official sponsor for the BeNN Battle.

First swimwear collection is launched.

France and Northern Spirit, an increasingly close collaboration

February 2017

NS Girl Camp goes to Paris. The first event organized by Northern Spirit in France.

Strong Girls from all over Europe joining NS Girlcamp with coaches Virgin Rousseau, Anna Hulda, Jakobina. Larene Crossfit, Paris, France.

French Throwdown first appearance

2016 marks the first steps of Northern Spirit on the French market through the most important French competition in the discipline of Crossfit.

Since then, the brand has been represented there every year.

start of international influence

Many competitions presences

February 2015

Northern Spirit launches its first collection connected to the CrossFit Open.

April 2015

CrossFit Games Athlete Anna Hulda Olofsdottir hosts the CrossFit training camp NS Girl Camp at CrossFit Helsingborg, Sweden.

May 2015

Northern Spirit attends the CrossFit Meridian Regionals in Copenhagen Denmark and the team CrossFit Reykjavik - Virtuosity from Iceland is sponsored by Northern Spirit and qualifies for the CrossFit Games in August 2015.

CrossFit competitons in the Nordics from 2013 and Onwards:

Northern Spirit attends several of all the CrossFit competitions in the Nordic Countries during the first years of the CrossFit boom in the noerdics, competitions such as:  MK Open, Halmstad Throwdown, Roslagen Open, Butchers Classic, The Frontline, Nordic Showdown and more.

June 2015

First ever Northern Spirit HQ, Industrigatan Helsingborg.

Summer 2015

Launch of the Collection #BEMOREVIKING to support CrossFit Reykjavik – Virtuosity for their trip to the Crossfit Games in Carson, USA.

July 2015

CrossFit Reykjavik – Virtuosity supported by Northern Spirit competing in the Team Competition at the CrossFit Games 2015, Carson USA.

Summer 2015

Launch of the First CrossFit Kids collection.

October 2015

First re-seller outside Sweden, CrossFit Kiel.

Webshop lunch

October 2014

Niklas Carlson & Joakim Loveng founded Northern Spirit Försäljning AB and the Vision to create a Global Brand with CrossFit at the core. 

Joakim also opended one of the first CrossFit boxes in Sweden, CrossFit Helsingborg.

December 2014

The first Northern Spirit webshop is launched. Only men and women t-shirts are sold.



Founded 2013 in Helsingborg, Sweden as an attempt to create a brand that reflects the life and style of the Community all over the world.

The brand name is inspired from the movie Northern Spirit by Nikolaj Ronnow, in whichthere is a Danish Crossfit-scenee. Seeing those Danish and Icelandic badasses working out in a former slaughterhouse, outside on the concrete or in the dark at a random Copenhagen parking lot – gave us the answer of what the Crossfit lifestyle is according to us.