Upcycling Terms

  • Non-cumulative vouchers
  • Vouchers only valid on our website 
  • Vouchers validity period: 6 months after sending the voucher.

NS customers: within the limit of 2 shipments/month*
New NS customers: within the limit of 3 shipments for the first month then 2 shipments for the following months*

*(On receipt date - We reserve the right not to accept your request if the monthly quota is exceeded and if the garment(s) do(es)n't meet the conditions)

Please include the sender's contact details (name, surname and email address) in the package.

  • Destination postal address:

Northern Spirit
400 Avenue de Passe Temps (Bat C Wodabox)
13400 Aubagne

Email address: contact@northernspirit-sport.com