Join the NS Upcycling campaign

Let's fight against clothing waste due to the often poor production and overconsumption of textile products.

Send us back your unused and/or damaged sportswear that you no longer wear.

We take care of bringing your clothes directly to the a local association premises that fights against this waste.
You thus contribute to the development of the latter and to the social people reintegration who wish to work and you are rewarded for your support.

  • 1 returned items = 5€ discount from 40€ of purchase
  • 2 returned items = 10€ discount from 70€ of purchase
  • 3 returned items = 25€ discount from 100€ of purchase
  • 4 and + returned items = 35€ discount from 120€ of purchase

Accepted Brands List

Garment Conditions

Recycling Terms

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