Pre-order, what is it? (5' read)


For Northern Spirit, 2023 is also synonymous with challenge.

What is pre-order? and why are we changing our methods? We will answer all these questions!

Towards a new ecosystem

Since 2020 and the brand acquisition by the new team, we have been in perpetual questioning... Like an athlete, our goal is to always surpass ourselves.

As you have noticed, we entered the market with slightly higher prices than our competitors.

In addition to producing quality clothing, they are 100% made in Europe; but that was not enough for Northern Spirit.

Always in a transparency process, we communicate to you in detail what one of our T-shirts costs us, from production to storage. Even if €2 doesn't seem like a lot to store this T-shirt, in reality this figure is multiplied by thousands: pre-ordering your products will allow us to eliminate this cost!

2022 was synonymous with inflation and we all go through it. Despite the increase in our production costs (unfortunately not within our control...), our wish is above all to avoid increasing our selling prices (you are already impacted enough in everyday life, to us everyone to make an effort).

Why have the prices increased?

1. Cotton price inflation

2. COVID: Factories were on hiatus and uncertain of their future for over a year.

So the stocks ran out without being replenished. Result: when factories are restarted: shortage of raw material = increase in prices.
It's the supply ands demand law.

3. The minimum wage has increased in Portugal by +6% (and this is great news for them!!), so it is logical that the cost of labor is increasing
4. Cost of gas, electricity, diesel… In Portugal, they have never had state aid for petrol, they pay a high price. Same for gas and electricity… You have to make the machines work.

So how do you deal with inflation? Only one solution, the pre-order.

In addition to the ecological and economic advantages, pre-ordering your products will ensure that you do not pay more for your products! Incredible solution, right?

Let us picture it all for you:

Take the example of McDonalds. In their early days, everything was mass-produced and in (too) large quantities; consequences: customers often ate cold and there was a lot of waste that ended up in the trash...

Today, the dish is made to order after the customer has ordered. Result: much less waste and moreover it eats hot.

To summarize: before it was the sandwich that was waiting for us, today we are waiting for the sandwich.

Is it simpler like that?

How does pre-ordering lower prices?

Quite simply because pre-ordering allows us to curb overproduction, overconsumption and to limit waste: we limit the costs of our raw materials, we limit the waste of water and electricity necessary for production of our usual stock and finally we limit unnecessary waste.

In short, a pre-ordered product costs 30 to 40% less!


No need to be pro in mathematics to understand that the less we produce the less we pollute. And yet!

Our wish is above all to offer you the most respectful creations possible, ecologically and humanly speaking: behind all our clothes are hidden super European designers, who have excellent working conditions.

It's true that we could have offered you cheap clothes made in Asia, but that's not in our philosophy. We decided to do otherwise to guarantee you quality and ethics (unheard of in sport!).

How does the pre-order work?

Always with the aim of fighting against this burden that is fast-fashion and anticipating all your requests (we said all of them), a solution: the CLOTHES CREATION ON DEMAND.

That's to say ?

That is to say that you will participate in the development of our new products!

Step 1: you will receive (more and more) questionnaires

Step 2: we study your requests, your ideas, your opinions

Step 3: you pre-order the product

Step 4: we make it

Step 5: you will receive it in your beautiful mailbox within three months*

*it may take less time, everything will depend on the product ordered but don't worry, everything will be detailed

It's that simple.

Three months sounds like a long time, but we promise it will be worth the wait. We explain why:

Pre-ordering is the only way we have to know what you like and produce it in sufficient quantity. Know in advance that you will receive what you ordered two months later, it also and above all allows you to think better before buying.

And then, when we receive it, it's as if we were giving ourselves a little gift that we had forgotten ;)

Clothing created by you, for you.

Yes, you are directly involved in the design of our products! Not bad is not it? It would be a shame if you didn't like the idea we had, so imagine if we produce too much of it?

If you have had the idea of ​​the century, the idea of ​​a product that you will dream of but that we do not produce yet, now is the time!

As you have understood, the goal is to produce if and only if you are sure you want and need this product.

How is pre-ordering better?

Since 2020, the Northern Spirit team has been striving to offer you eco-friendly products. First in the manufacture of clothing using recycled and recyclable products, then by producing in factories in Portugal (which says European production, says less CO2 emissions and a good work ethic).

If we described to you how it is today: if it is not bought it will be lost.

We say stop to overproduction, overconsumption and we limit storage costs (because yes, storing unsold products in spaces is expensive).


  • We take the time to develop timeless pieces that will last a lifetime, and not just follow trends
  • We collect your opinions and we design the products for you, according to your tastes
  • We respond to real needs

To summarize :

We are well aware that pre-ordering is not going to save the planet because there are still too many fights to fight, but we are doing what we can to have a serious impact on overconsumption and be the cornerstone of a new ecosystem in the fashion industry.

Because, did you know, clothing are the second most polluting industry on Earth after oil?

What if I want to trade?

Getting the wrong size can happen. But do not panic !

We assure you to always produce a little extra stock (5% of pre-orders) in order to make sure you can exchange your super top or your shorts. Once all the exchanges (if necessary) are made, we will put this excess stock up for sale (but you understood, the price will be higher).

For more information on returns and exchanges, click here.

Don't forget, BUY LESS, BUY BETTER ☺

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